Course Offering - Fall 2016

Jul 7th, 2016

Dept. of Archaeology

ARCH 6685: When Worlds Meet
Course Offering - Fall 2016

ARCH 6685: When Worlds Meet: Nature/Culture and Ontological Conflicts.

Instructor: Dr. Mario Blaser
Course Poster (PDF)

This graduate course explores the theoretical developments that are putting into question the modern ontological divide between nature and culture. Students will investigate the implications that these developments have for scientific and political practices, and will examine the emerging attempts at understanding ontological multiplicity and conflicts which challenge the most basic assumptions about the ultimate consititution of reality.

The challenge to the nature/culture divide and emerging ontological conflicts push a vigorous rethinking of academic knowledge practices, more to the point they force us to think otherwise.Thus, this course will be of interest to anyone in the social sciences and humanities but particularly those who are interested in power, science and society relations, the human/non-human interface, political ecology, and the Anthropocene as well as the responses from social movements to these developments.

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