Graduate Student Speakers Series 15/01/2016

Jan 11th, 2016

Dept. of Archaeology

Graduate Student Speakers Series 15/01/201
Graduate Student Speakers Series 15/01/2016

On Friday, January 15th from 3:15-4pm in QC-2013, Deidre Elliott will discuss the preliminary results of her M.A. research:'20,000 Seals Under the Sea: Human-Animal Interactions in Labrador.'

 Recently, the importance of integrating faunal analysis with other methods of archaeological analysis is becoming more widely recognized. Wherever humans and animals share space in the landscape, complex relationships develop. Especially in Inuit contexts, where so much of the economy – not only food, but clothing, housing, tools, travel, and art – is so dependent upon the many products that are provided by animals, a more in-depth study of these relationships than is typically provided by zooarchaeological analysis is warranted. This presentation will highlight the past year’s research into the various interactions people in Labrador have with the animals they encounter in their environment, both through the archaeological record and as it was experienced first-hand during the summer of 2015. Collection of fine-screened samples from Double Mer Point has pointed to the utility of limited sampling throughout the excavation, as lab processing allows for the collection of smaller artefacts and faunal remains than are typically recoverable in the field. Preliminary results from faunal and artefactual analysis from three Inuit winter house sites in Labrador indicate that many relationships between Inuit and animals changed readily with external influences, such as availability of European manufactured goods,whereas other relationships persisted despite being pushed to the limit.



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