Graduate Student Speakers Series 08/01/2016

Jan 4th, 2016

Dept. of Archaeology

Graduate Student Speakers Series 08/01/2016
Graduate Student Speakers Series 08/01/2016

On Friday, January 8th from 3:15-4pm in QC-2013, Anita Johnson-Henke will discuss the preliminary results of her MA research:'Life's a Beach: Recovering Cultural and Geographic Data from the Intertidal Zone at the Beaches (DeAk-01) Site, Bonavista Bay.'

Many coastal archaeological sites have eroded due to rising sea levels and coastal geodynamics. The Beaches (DeAk-01) site is a multi-component coastal site in Bonavista Bay that is situated on an eroding gravel terrace. It is crucial to retrieve as much information as we can about this site before it is completely eroded. Previous research on this site has revealed that a thick peat horizon covers the Maritime Archaic Indian (MAI) cultural layer. This project examines the intertidal zone to assess the MAI and peat horizons and considers: the integrity and extent of the peat and MAI cultural layers; what the landscape was like during the MAI period; and the effectiveness of the field methods used to obtain data from the intertidal zone.


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