Where can I go to socialize with other LGBTQ+ people?

There are many places in this city to get LGBTQ+ socials, such as:

  • MUN SAGA Resource Centre
  • Trans Support Group
  • Asexual/Aromatic Support Group
  • PFLAG Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Parents of Trans and Gender Diverse Children
How can I change my name on campus?

You can find information on how to change your personal information on campus in our Trans & Gender Diverse Students' Guide

What do I do if I experience discrimination on campus?

Firstly, if you are experiencing discrimination at any point, it is not your fault. You should never have to deal with discrimination, but in case you do have to, here are some options on what you can do:

  • Make an appointment with the MUNSU Director of Advocacy or the Queer or Trans Reps, if you are an undergraduate student
  • Speak to the Head of the Department you are taking the class in. They may be able to do something to help you in this situation.
  • Speak to the Director of Student Life about the options you have.
  • If all else fails, you may go to the Human Rights Commission with your complaint.
I need support. Is there anywhere I can go?
  • Intersections Resource Centre (UC1009), MUN SAGA Resource Centre (UC6022), and MUN MINDS (UC6017) have trained peer counsellors
  • The Student Wellness and Counselling Centre has many trained counsellors and they also have walk-in services. Fifth Floor of the University Centre.
  • Trans Support Group, Asexual/Aromatic Support Group, Sex Worker Support Group (UC 1009)
  • Trans Lifeline - 1(877) 330-6366
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24 hr) - (709) 726-1411
  • Mental Health Crisis Line (24hr / Toll-Free) - 1-888-737-4668