Test & Exam Accommodation Support

When students notify the Blundon Centre that they require accommodations for their test/exam, the Blundon Centre informs instructors via email. The email contains instructions for how instructors can access support from the Blundon Centre (Student Life) for test/exam invigilation for their student.

An increasing number of academic units and individual instructors are opting to coordinate the implementation of test/exam accommodations themselves. If instructors/academic units are planning to organize the test/exam accommodations for their students and are not planning to request support from the Blundon Centre for invigilation then they will not need to contact the Blundon Centre unless they have questions regarding how to implement the accommodations.

Seven (7) calendar days prior to the test/exam date, the Blundon Centre will send a follow-up email to each instructor reminding them that their student requires test/exam accomodations. If the instructor would like to request support from the Blundon Centre (Student Life) for test/exam invigilation for their student(s) then the instructor will need to submit a complete exam packet for each student at least three (3) business days prior to the exam.

The complete exam package will include:

  1. an electronic copy of test/exam uploaded to Clockwork;
  2. a hard copy of a complete test/exam package:
  • an exam coversheet for each student/section of a course 
  • copy of the test/exam for each student and
  • any booklets or scantrons sheets required.

If you have any questions about this process please do not hesitate to contact the Blundon Centre.


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