Study Skills and Strategies

The following seminars and workshops are offered by the Blundon Centre as part of the Bring Student Life into Your Class series.

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Working through test anxiety
Anxiety can sometimes make it difficult for students to do their best in an exam setting. But there are ways to manage symptoms of anxiety and feel more confident going into the exam room. This workshop explores various strategies that students can apply leading up to and during  exams.

How to improve focus and reduce distraction
Living in a fast-paced, technology-driven world means that our attention is often pulled in many directions. Students may find it challenging to focus on academic projects when they are juggling paid and volunteer work, extra-curricular activities and personal commitments. In this session, we look at practical tips for resisting distractions, maintaining focus and managing time.

Exploring individual approaches to learning
Educators and psychologists have discovered what many of us already knew – we all learn differently. In this workshop, we will use a variety of interactive tools and activities to explore how students take in new information and acquire skills and discover what learning strategies work best for each person.


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