School mourns loss of one of our students

Feb 3rd, 2020

School of Social Work

School mourns loss of one of our students

On Friday, Jan. 31, 2020, one of our 2nd degree BSW students, Toni White, passed away at the Health Sciences Centre. While her instructors and some staff members were aware that she was unwell, Ms. White’s passing comes as a tragic and unexpected loss.

Ms. White joined the School of Social Work to begin her 2nd degree BSW program in Sept. 2019. By the end of last term, Toni had impressed her instructors with her maturity, her “exceptional” assignments and her “insightful” class contributions.

In spite of their grief, the student executive team of Ms. White’s 2021 class has quickly mobilized and identified students’ need for support and created an opportunity to honour Toni’s life: they plan to organize a fundraiser to make a donation in her honour.

Student Life has been contacted to arrange counselling/debriefing supports. In the meantime, a list of supports both on and off campus has been sent to students.

Further plans to recognize and honour Toni’s life will be shared as soon as possible.

On behalf of the School of Social Work, sincere condolences go out to Ms. White’s family and friends.

See Ms. White’s obituary.