Happy Social Work Month!

Mar 22nd, 2021

School of Social Work

Happy Social Work Month!

The 2021 theme: "Social Work is Essential" is always true, but perhaps even moreso during the incredible, unprecedented times we are living in right now. Social workers have continued to offer support to individuals, families, groups and communities, in the midst of this global pandemic, and the social workers at Memorial's School of Social Work have continued to teach and mentor our undergraduate and graduate students as well. 

We are proud to acknowledge and celebrate with the registered social workers who work and teach at our school: 

Fred Andersen

Lesley Bishop

Ivy Burt

Catherine de Boer

Heather Hair

Kristen Hynes

Isobel Keefe

Kim Kelly

Samantha Kenny

June Kirkland-Smith

Cheryl Mallard

Sheri McConnell

Janice Parsons

Ruth Parsons

Maxine Paul

Lynsey Soper-Thistle

Gail Wideman