Eating Dis/Order Research

Apr 11th, 2024

Dr. Nicole Schott, Banting postdoctoral researcher with Memorial’s School of Social Work, invites anyone with eating dis/order experience (whether personal experience or as a support person for someone else) to attend one of six multi-media performances of the research-informed poem “Under the Psychiatric Treatment Regime: The Impossibility Paradoxes of Eating Dis/Order Recovery.”

Each performance will be followed by a small group workshop. This research aims to learn from and gather stories of treatment, recovery, resistance, and survival of “eating disorders” and “eating orders” from those with lived expertise/experience, as well as other stakeholders, such as professionals, family and friends, policy makers and educators.

Please note: an official eating disorder diagnosis is NOT required to participate, however pre-registration (via is required to attend. Participants will receive a $30 honorarium as a thank you for contributing to this project. Further details are available here. For more information contact Dr. Nicole Schott