Drop-in Counselling Program Successfully Completes Pilot Project

Dec 13th, 2017

Laura Woodford

Drop-in Counselling Program Successfully Completes Pilot Project

Dr. Catherine de Boer is proud of the success of the Right Here, Right Now Drop-In Counselling community collaboration. 

“The success of this pilot project is a testament to what can be accomplished when universities and community partners truly work collaboratively," she said. "This project worked because we shared a common vision – to offer a service that was accessible, women-focused and useful. I am humbled by the trust women placed in us and this drop-in counselling initiative and so pleased the six-month pilot was a success.”

Over the course of the six-month pilot, 156 counselling sessions were offered to 78 women. The primary concern of these women was their mental health (e.g., anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationships, and trauma).

According to the evaluation results, the pilot of the counselling clinic was a resounding success. Women who utilized the service found it useful, with many choosing to return for repeat sessions or to engage in other programs offered by the Women’s Centre.

As hoped, this initiative provided a necessary stop gap for women awaiting traditional mental health services within the region. The evaluation noted that 32 per cent of women who utilized the service were on waitlists for “traditional” mental health services, with a mean wait time of 15.5 months. The average length of the RHRN service, from intake through the wait time and a completed counselling session was 90 minutes. See full News Release