Physics 4850: Quantum Mechanics

4850 Quantum Mechanics
is a mathematically based course that covers: the postulates of quantum mechanics; Hermitian operators; x, p and matrix representations of quantum mechanics; the harmonic oscillator; spin and orbital angular momentum and addition of angular momentum; stationary perturbation theory; time dependent perturbation theory.

PR: PHYS 3750 and 3820.

Physics 4850 is an essential course for honours students in physics and is recommended for those in the applied math/physics degree program. Fundamental concepts in quantum mechanics, including the mysterious collapse of the wavefunction, the non-classical idea of non-commuting observables, as well as spin, are covered in mathematical detail. Students will become fluent in the different representations of quantum mechanics (the x-representation, to which the wave functions introduced in 3750 belong; the Fourier transform p-representation; and the more general matrix representation), and learn to select the representation most appropriate for problems at hand. Physics 4850 includes all topics in non-relativistic quantum mechanics normally encountered in undergraduate physics, including the harmonic oscillator, angular momentum and stationary perturbation theory. All topics are introduced from basic principles, which will enable to students to confidently apply what they have learned to other problems. Students who complete this course will be prepared to enter MSc. level courses in quantum mechanics.


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