Physics 4340: Modeling in Environmental Physics

4340 Modelling in Environmental Physics
covers the basic principles underlying environmental modelling. Techniques for numerical modelling are introduced with applications to simulation of terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic environments. Concepts and principles of free and forced dynamical systems will be introduced and applied to the analysis and interpretation of simplified climate and environment model simulations. Includes some discussion of dynamics and transition to chaos in environmental systems, uncertainty in their simulations and predictability of future environmental and climate changes.

PR: PHYS 3820 and PHYS 3340

This course focuses on methods of mathematical modeling of dynamical processes that govern the evolution of the main elements of the environment system with a focus on ocean modelling. Simplified models of the Earth Environment will be developed which describe the basic states of its equilibrium and dynamics of transition between them. These models will be applied to simulations of the environment and environmental response to climate change or other anthropogenic influences and pollution.


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