Physics 4300: Advanced Physical Oceanography

4300 Advanced Physical Oceanography covers dynamical physical oceanography. The equations of motion oceanography are derived and analysed. Topics include geostrophy, conservation equations, linear and non-linear wave theory and open ocean and shelf circulation dynamics.

PR: PHYS 3300 and 3820 or waiver approved by the instructor

Students taking this course will gain a detailed understanding of the equations of motion for the ocean, geostrophic flows, and Ekman dynamics. A significant topic is waves in both non-rotating fluids (surface gravity waves) and rotating (tidal and planetary waves). While a complete mathematical treatment of fluid dynamics is not required, this course will give you an in-depth understanding of rotating fluids. Much of the material of PHYS4300 is also applicable to atmospheric dynamics. The subject matter discussed is also called geophysical fluid dynamics – the fluid dynamics of rotating, stratified fluids. In this course, we we learn how the dynamics for both the ocean and atmosphere can be described with the same underlying physics.


Physics and Physical Oceanography

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