Physics 4205: Introduction to fluid mechanics

P4205 Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
(same as MATH 4180) covers basic observations, mass conservation, vorticity, stress, hydrostatics, rate of strain, momentum conservation (Navier-Stokes equation), simple viscous and inviscid flows, Reynolds number, boundary layers, Bernoulli's and Kelvin's theorems, potential flows, water waves, thermodynamics.

Prerequisites: Physics 3220 and either Mathematics 4160 or Physics 4820

This course is a basic introduction to the subject of fluid mechanics and is intended for undergraduate and beginning graduate students of applied mathematics and physics. This course introduces the general equations, both integral and differential, that result from the conservation of mass principle, Newton's second law, and the first law of thermodynamics. From these a number of particular situations will be considered that are of special interest. After completing this course the students should be able to apply the basic principles and methods of mechanics to new and different situations.


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