Physics 2055 Electricity and Magnetism

2055 Electricity and Magnetism builds upon the concepts of electric and magnetic forces and fields, Gauss’s Law, electric potential and electromagnetic induction introduced in PHYS1051, expanding them to introduce capacitance, their application in DC and AC circuits, electromagnetic waves, wave optics, and geometric optics.

CO: MATH 2000
LH: 3; normally there will be nine laboratory sessions per semester
PR: MATH 2000 and PHYS1051.

The course begins with a quick review of concepts of electricity, magnetism, electromagnetic waves and optics introduced in Physics 1051. Students will now have the opportunity to learn about these topics in more depth, with more applications to the real world. While reviewing Electrostatics, Electric Flux, Magnetism and Maxwell’s Equations, the topics are expanded to include concepts more demanding mathematically and conceptually. In addition material related to electric circuits, geometric and physical optics is introduced. This course also serves as a prerequisite for PHYS 3500.


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