Physics 1020: Introductory Physics I

1020 Introductory Physics I is an algebra based introduction to Newtonian mechanics. Topics covered included motion in one and two dimensions, Newton’s laws, momentum, energy and work, and rotational motion. Previous exposure to physics would be an asset but is not essential.

CO: Mathematics 1090
CR: PHYS 1050
LH: 3; six laboratory sessions per semester
OR: tutorial or problem sessions may be held on weeks when no laboratory is scheduled
PR: Level III Advanced Mathematics or Mathematics 1090. It is recommended that students have completed at least one of level II and level III high school physics courses

Physics 1020 is an algebra based introduction to Newtonian mechanics. The course introduces fundamental physics concepts and development of problem solving skills for solving physics problems and is intended for students in the Life Sciences. This course requires basic algebra and trigonometry skills and does not assume that a student had exposure to physics in high school (although this would be an asset). MATH1090 can be taken concurrently.


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