Dr. Kristin M. Poduska


  • B.A. Carleton College
  • M.S., Ph.D. Cornell

Contact Information

Office: C3022
Phone: 864-8890
Email: kris @ mun . ca
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Research - Condensed Matter Experiment

I use physics to make complex problems more tractable. I enjoy working with interdisciplinary teams in order to learn which problems are the most useful to solve. I am particularly interested in research problems related to improving environmental sustainability, including their science and social justice aspects.

Those who work in my research group gain valuable generalist training in materials physics that can be applied to unique fundamental and applied research challenges. Much of our recent work relates to the production and degradation of carbon-rich materials, including carbonate minerals. The methodologies that we use are relevant for lab-produced materials, geogenic minerals, biominerals, as well as ancient archaeological materials.

Experiential learning and science advocacy are at the core of my research and teaching.