Dr. Brad de Young

Professor Emeritus, Bartlett Professor of Oceanography

  • B.Sc., M.Sc. Memorial
  • Ph.D. University of British Columbia

Contact Information

Email: bdeyoung @ mun. ca
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Research Area - Physical Oceanography

I am interested in how the ocean operates. Coming from a physical oceanographic perspective, I like to explore different aspects of the oceans around us. While the geographic focus of my work is the North Atlantic, my underlying interest is in processes. How is the deep ocean connected with the shelf? How does wind forcing influence organisms that live on the shelf and in coastal embayments? What might be the changes in the coming years as a result of climate variability? How can we improve our ability to forecast what happens in the oceans?

Most new ideas in oceanography arise from observations made in the ocean. While ships are still important as platforms from which to collect data, new technologies including acoustic technologies, autonomous underwater vehicles and satellite based sensors are necessary to generate the new data that will both inform and change our understanding of the oceans. I like to work with a combination of existing and new technologies. The resulting data are then carefully explored and coupled with numerical models of both the physical and ecological ocean dynamics.