First Year Physics Book Options

Aug 19th, 2016

Rick Goulding

First Year Physics Book Options

Please note that because there is an online assignment component to this course, you cannot buy a used copy of the textbook as it would not come with a code for the assignments. For students doing just Physics we have arranged a very good deal through the MUN Bookstore and the publisher (Option1) which includes the assignment code, the ebook and a loose leaf copy of the text. If you are doing two or more of Physics, Chemistry and Biology you can take advantage of one of the bundle deals (Options 3,4 or 5). Please note that you cannot buy the assignment code for physics separately.

  • Option 1 (Physics 0nly) - Loose Leaf Physics + Mastering $120
  • Option 2 (Physics 0nly) - Mastering with Ebook (no print text) $115. (5$ more gets you option 1)
  • Option 3 (Physics+Chemistry) - Loose Leaf versions of Physics/Chemistry + Mastering Physics and Mastering Chemistry Codes - $199.95
  • Option 4 (Physics+Biology) - Loose Leaf versions of Physics/Biology + Mastering Physics and Mastering Biology Codes - $199.95
  • Option 5 (Physics+Biology+Chemistry) - Loose Leaf versions of Physics/Biology/Chemistry + Mastering access codes for each - $299.95

Note: All purchases must be made through the MUN Bookstore.

If you have any questions please contact Dr Rick Goulding at