PhD Physical Oceanography

  • LeMorzadec, Kevin (2017) - Scaling Issues in Glaciology:  Addressing Subgrid Topography (Supervisor:  Dr. Lev Tarasov)
  • Zhang, Yang (2017) - Waves and Eddies on a B Plane:  Experiments with Altimetry (Supervisor:  Dr. Iakov Afanassiev)
  • Ma, Zhimin (2015) - Simulation of Wind Forced Responses over the Newfoundland Shelf (Supervisors:  Dr. Guoqi Han and Dr. Brad de Young)
  • Hauser, Tristan (2014) - Probabilistic Uncertainty Quantification and Simulation for climate Modelling

  • Briggs, Robert (2013) - Antarctic Ice Sheet Evolution Over the Last Glacial Cycle: A Data-Contrained Large-Ensemble Modelling Approach

  • Salcedo-Castro, Julio (2012) - Modeling the Estuarine Circulation and Fine Sediment Transport Associated with Subglacial Buoyant Jets in Glacial Fjords

  • Dillon, Jeremy (2011) - Maximum A Posteriori Velocity Estimation for Multi-Frequency Coherent Doppler Sonar

  • Blokhina, Marina (2009) - Shoaling Internal Solitary Waves

  • Korabel, Vasily N. (2006) - Vortical Structures Generated by a Localized Forcing

  • Tollefsen, Cristina Dawn Spanu (2006) - Evaluation of a Doppler Sonar System for Measurements of Fish Swimming Velocity

  • Timko, Patrick George (2005) - Tidal and Wind Forced Flow in Clode Sound: Observations and Numerical Modelling

  • Crawford, Anna M. (2000) - Field Observations of Linear Transition Ripple Migration and Wave Orbital Velocity Skewness

  • Davidson, Fraser (1999) - Wind Driven Circulation in Trinity and Conception Bays

  • Lu, Youyu (1994) - A Fine-Resolution Barotropic Model of the North Atlantic Driven by Wind and Atmospheric Pressure Forcing

  • Pal, Badal Kanti (1992) - Wave Induced Ocean Diffusion

  • Sheng, Jinyu (1991) - Remote Determination of Suspended Sediment Size and Concentration by Multi-Frequency Acoustic Backscatter

  • Jin, You-Huang (1991) - Vertically Integrated Models of Bottom Mixed Layer Growth in the Ocean


Physics and Physical Oceanography

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