MSC Physical Oceanography

  • Roche, Ray (2017) - Model Study of the Impact of Hydropower Developments on the Oceanography of Hudson Bay (Supervisor:  Dr. Entcho Demirov)
  • Wang, Yanan (2017) - Analysis of Oceanographic Metadata from Seismic Surveys (Supervisor:  Dr. Len Zedel)
  • Xie, Yingda (2017) - Simulation of Interannual Circulation and Stratification around Placentia Bay (Supervisors:  Dr. Guoqi Han and Dr. Brad de Young)
  • Wang, Yahui (2016) - An Automatic Method of Above-Water Iceberg 3-D Profiling Based on Autonomous Surface Craft (ASC) Using Surface Images and LIDAR (Supervisor:  Dr. Brad de Young)
  • Kurtakoti, Prajvala (2014) - Experiments on Internal Waves Propagation and Reflection (Supervisor:  Dr. James Munroe)
  • Lin, Fan (2014) - Internal Wave Drift on a Neutrally Buoyant Sphere

  • Hayashida, Hakase (2013) - Model Study of Coupled Physical-Biogeochemical Variability in the Labrador Sea

  • Sui, Yi (2013) - Buorancy Storms in a Zonal Stream Experiments with Altimetry

  • Kavanagh, Mark (2012) - A Fast, Physically-Based Subglacial Hydrology Model Applied to the North American Ice Complex Over the Last Glacial Cycle

  • Melanson, Alexandre (2012) - Numerical Modelling of Subglacial Erosion and Sedimenet Transport and its Application to the North American Ice Sheets Over the Last Glacial Cycle

  • O'Leary, Sheilagh (2011) - Alternating Zonal Jets in the Oceans: A Laboratory Study

  • Zhang, Ying (2011) - Regional Atmospheric Dynamic Downscaling over the Subpolar North Atlantic

  • Lundrigan, Sarah (2010) - A Model Study of Interannual and Decadal Variability of the Arctic and Sub-arctic Oceans

  • Ma, Zhimin (2010) - Simulation of Temperature and Currents in Placentia Bay

  • Sutherland, Graig (2010) - Inferred Boundary Mixing Rates from Density Inversions in the St. Lawrence Estuary

  • Hauser, Tristan (2009) - Comparison of Bayesian Calibration Methodologies for Climate System Models

  • Lu, Zhaoshi (2009) - A Finite Element Numerical Study of the Ocean Circulation off the Newfoundland and Labrador Shelf

  • Alsarayreh, Tahani (2008) - Snowflakes Falling on Water: The Underwater Sound Generated by Falling Snow

  • McLarty, Jennifer (2008) - A First Look at Skewness in the Labrador Sea Water Masses

  • Paturi, Shastri (2007) - Tide Modelling in the Northwest Atlantic

  • Richards, Clark (2006) - Wind-Forced Dynamics in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland

  • Guo, Ming (2005) - Circulation Inside the Narrows of St. John's Harbor

  • Record, Nicholas (2005) - Acoustic Imaging of Diel Vertical Migration of Zooplankton on the Newfoundland Shelf

  • Wells, Jennifer (2005) - Experimental Investigations of Non-Rotating and Rotating Two-Dimensional Turbulence

  • Blokhina, Marina (2004) - Mesoscale Variability in the Black Sea : Satellite Observations and Laboratory Experiments

  • Schillinger, Douglas J. (2000) - Wind Speed Estimates and Precipitation Detection Using Ambient Sound in the Ocean

  • Wan, Bangjun (1997) - A Numerical Study of Conjugate Flows and Flat-Centred Internal Solitary Waves in an Continuously Stratified Fluid

  • Wilson, Douglas James - (1996) Bedform Patterns in Nearshore Sands

  • Bass, Sarah J. (1995) - Ambient Noise in the Surf Zone

  • Davidson, Fraser (1994) - Modelling Advection of Cod Eggs & Larvae on the Newfoundland Shelf

  • Li, Guoqing, (1994) - Simulating Interdecadal Variation of the Thermohaline Circulation by Assimilating Time-Dependent Surface Data into an Ocean Climate Model

  • Yan, Liren (1993) - On the Nonlinear Evolution of Internal Gravity Waves

  • Hamm, Craig A. (1993) - The Seabed as an Acoustic Mirror for Suspended Sediment

  • Fanning, Augustus F. (1993) - An Analysis of Wind-Forced, Seasonal Transport Variability at the Florida Straits Using Linear Models of the North Atlantic

  • Kioroglou, Sotiris (1992) - Transport and Diffusion on the Southwestern Puerto Rican Shelf

  • Xu, Jie (1992) - Diagnosing changes in the North Atlantic circulation using a vertical section model

  • Halide, Halmar (1992) - Determining Flow Field Singularities from Drifter Trajectories

  • Otterson, Timm (1992) - An Analysis of the Wind-Forced Response of Conception Bay Using a Reduced-Gravity Numerical Model

  • Crawford, Anna M. (1992) - A Comparison of Two Inversion Methods for Determination of Sand Concentration and Size from Multifrequency Acoustic Backscatter

  • He, Cheng (1991) - Broadband Measurements of the Acoustic Backscatter Cross Section of Sand Particles in Suspension

  • Mercer, Douglas G. (1989) - Numerical Evaluation of the Boundary Layer Approximation for Sound Attenuation by Solid Particles in Water
  • Colbourne, Eugene B. (1987) - An Acoustic Remote Sensing Study of an Arctic Submarine Spring Plume

  • Holland, David Michael (1987) - A Numerical Method for the Coastal-Trapped Wave Problem

  • Sheng, Jinyu. (1986) - Sound Scattering and Attenuation in Aqueous Suspensions of Sand : Comparison of Theory and Experiment

  • Kinsella, Eric Douglas (1984) - Wind and Topographic Effects on the Labrador Current at Carson Canyon

  • Bhogal, Amritpal Singh (1984) - Numerical Models of Wind Driven Circulation in Lake Melville, Labrador

  • De Young, Bradley (1983) - Deep Water Exchange in Fortune Bay, Newfoundland


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