Interdisciplinary Masters in Environmental Science - Supervised in Physics and Physical Oceanography


  • Belalov, Nonna (2016) - Understanding the Role of Anthropogenic and Climate Forcing that Influence the Environment of Hamilton Inlet, Labrador (Supervisor:  Dr. Entcho Demirov)
  • Button, Nick (2014) Detection of Contaminants in Drinking Water by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

  • Fowler, William (2014) Boundary Layer Velocity Structure in a Coldwater Coral Area of Haddock Channell, Southwest Grand Banks (Supervisor:  Dr. Len Zedel)

  • Best, Sara (2011) Hindcasting and Forecasting of climatology for Gilbert Bay, Labrador; A Marine Protective Area (Supervisors:  Dr. Entcho Demirov and Dr. Joe Wroblewski)

  • Hillier, Lindsay (2009) Validating and Improving the Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Planning Program (CANSARP) Ocean Drift Theory (Supervisors:  Dr. Entcho Demirov and Dr. Fraser Davidson)

  • Janes, David (2009) Sill Processes in the Saguenay Fjord (Supervisor:  Dr. Daniel Bourgault)

  • Bishop, Charles (2008) Sensor Dynamics of Autonomous Underwater Gliders (Supervisors:  Dr. Brad de Young and Dr. Entcho Demirov)

  • Peng, Wenjun (2008) Tide-Driven Dynamics in Bonne Bay, Newfoundland (Supervisors:  dr. Brad de Young and Dr. Entcho Demirov)

  • Karn, Jeff (2005) Atlantic Canada wind trends and variability : 1953-2003

  • Cardoso, Diana (2004) Modeling variations of the seasonal cycle of plankton production: the Labrador Sea, Labrador Shelf and Hamilton Inlet (Supervisors:  Dr. Joe Wroblewski and Dr. Brad de Young)

  • Subramanian, Vembu (2000) Oceanographic mesoscale features off the West Greenland coast : satellite image analysis and modelling (Supervisors:  Dr. Brad de Young and Dr. J. Helbig)


Physics and Physical Oceanography

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