Keyboard Audition Guidelines


  1. Repertoire
    • Three works in contrasting styles chosen from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, 20th or 21st-century eras. The level of difficulty should be that of Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada grade IX.
    • One of your three selections can be in a non-classical style of your choice as we encourage both diversity and inclusion in your repertoire.
  2. Technical Requirements
    1. Scales: All major and minor (harmonic and melodic), hands together, four octaves
    2. Arpeggios: All major and minor, hands together, four octaves
  3. Sight Reading

For information about Memorial University’s piano program, please contact Dr. Kristina Szutor or Prof. Timothy Steeves.


  1. Repertoire
    1. Any prelude and fugue composed before 1750
    2. Two additional pieces of your choosing contrasting in style and period
  2. Technical Requirements
    1. Hymn: St. Anne

For information about Memorial University’s organ program, please contact Dr. Ian Sutherland.


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