Auditions Requirements - Keyboards


  1. Repertoire
    1. A program of three pieces. Applicants are strongly encouraged to play from memory.
    2. ONE chosen from the following:
      • J.S. Bach:
        • Any prelude and fugue; OR
        • Any three-part invention; OR
        • Two contrasting movements from a French suite, English suite, partita, keyboard concerto, or the Italian Concerto
      • Domenico Scarlatti:
        • Two contrasting sonatas
    • ONE work or movement, equivalent in difficulty to at least RCM Level 9, chosen from the following:
      • Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven or Clementi: a set of variations or one movement of a sonata
      • Schubert: Moments musicaux, impromptus
      • John Field: any nocturne
      • Chopin: nocturnes, mazurkas, waltzes, polonaises, ballades, etudes, Berceuse, Barcarolle, Fantasie or Fantasie-impromptu
      • Mendelssohn: Rondo capriccioso, Variations sérieuses, Songs Without Words
      • Schumann: Fantasiestücke, Papillons, Faschingsschwank aus Wien, Davidsbündlertänze
      • Brahms, Liszt, Fauré, Grieg: any piece
      • Rachmaninoff: preludes or études-tableaux
      • Scriabin: preludes or etudes
      • Any concerto
    • ONE work or movement, equivalent in difficulty to at least RCM Level 9, by any of the following composers:
      • Albeniz, Barber, Bartok, Bolcom, Copland, Debussy, da Falla, Gershwin, Ginastera, Granados, Hindemith, Ibert, Khachaturian, Messiaen, Poulenc, Prokofief, Ravel, Schönberg, Shostakovich, Villa Lobos, Archer, Beckwith, Champagne, Coulthard, Crawley, Dela, Fleming, Glick, Hétu, Kulesha, Louie, David L. McIntyre, Morawetz, Morel, Mozetich, Papineau-Couture, Pepin, Pentland, Clark Ross, Somers, Southam or other Canadian composer of your choice. A graded list of Canadian piano pieces can be found at the Alliance for Canadian New Music Projects website
  2. Technical Requirements
    1. Scales: All major and minor (harmonic and melodic) scales: hands together, four octaves
    2. Arpeggios: All major and minor triads, dominant sevenths and diminished sevenths: hands together, four octaves
  3. Sight Reading

For information about Memorial University’s piano program, please contact Dr. Kristina Szutor or Prof. Timothy Steeves.


  1. Repertoire
    1. Set Piece: Any prelude and fugue composed before 1750
    2. Own Choice: TWO pieces contrasting in style and period
  2. Technical Requirements
    1. Hymn: St. Anne

For information about Memorial University’s organ program, please contact Dr. Ian Sutherland.


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