Controlling SPAM using Webmail

Controlling SPAM

SPAM e-mail has become a constant source of headaches for e-mail users. To control the amount of SPAM you receive, ITS suggests following these steps:

Create a SPAM Folder

  1. Click "Mail" at the bottom of your web browser window
  2. Click "Folders" in the "Mail" menu at the top of the browser window
  3. Under the "Choose Action" drop down menu select "Create Folder"
  4. In the pop up box enter "SPAM" as the new folder name and select the "Ok" button

The SPAM folder is necessary to file away all the possible SPAM you may receive. Not all e-mail marked as SPAM is actually SPAM. This is why it is necessary to have a SPAM folder so that you can later examine these e-mails at your convenience.

Add a SPAM Filter

To automatically place SPAM e-mail into your SPAM folder follow these steps:

  1. Click "Filters" at the bottom of the page
  2. Click the "New Rule" button at the bottom of the "Rules" page
  3. In the "Rule Name" text area enter "SPAM Filter"
  4. In the drop down "Select a field", select "X-Spam-Level"
  5. In the drop down menu to the right select "Contains"
  6. In the text area to the right, enter "xxxxx". Note that the number of x's corresponds to the SPAM level that the e-mail has been assigned by our system. If five is too high and SPAM still gets into your inbox lower the number correspondingly until you are satisfied. The lower the number of x's the more likely legitimate e-mail will be filtered out.
  7. Under the "Do This" area select "Deliver to this mailbox" and in the corresponding text field to the right enter "SPAM"
  8. Check "Stop checking if this rule matches"
  9. Click the "Save" button

When you return to the rules page, make sure that you move "SPAM Filter" to the top of the rules list using the "Move" arrow buttons


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