Setting up your Google Apps for Education email

Setting up your Google Apps for Education email account on a mobile device or supported client

The below documentation pertains only to the Google Apps for Education pilot group, during the Spring 2011 semester.

NOTE: For users in the pilot, configuring a mobile device or mail client will require an initial reset of your password. To reset your password, please visit, log in with your current username/password and:

1. Under "Manage My Account" select "change password"

2. Enter your current password, your new password, and a confirmation of your new password

3. Press "save"

You can also change your password from On any page, simply select the "Change MUN Login Password" link from the top right bar.

IMAP Settings

Below is a list of mail clients and mobile devices you can synchronize with your Google Apps for Education email account. Click the name of your mobile or mail client device to see instructions for setting it up to work with Gmail.

If your client or device isn't listed here, we suggest that you try out the general instructions for all other clients.


1. In all of the setup instructions, username, where indicated, is your full email address.

2. In documentation below, it may indicate a step such as "Make sure you've enabled IMAP in your main Mail settings". IMAP has been automatically enabled for all users in the pilot.

Mobile Devices



**** As clarification, related to the instructions provided through the iPhone link above, please select the "Gmail" setup on your iPhone (step 5) rather than "Other". Your MUN Pilot account is essentially a Google account, so setup through the "Gmail" option is very fast and easy. As with all options, just remember to enter your full Memorial email


Palm webOS


Windows Mobile 5

Windows Mobile 6

Mail Clients

Outlook Express (Windows)

Outlook 2003 (Windows)

Outlook 2007 (Windows)

Apple Mail 2

Apple Mail 3

Apple Mail 4

Windows Mail

Thunderbird 2

Thunderbird 3


Google Sync Setup

Google Sync synchronizes Gmail, Google Calendars, and contacts with your mobile device. You can use the Google Apps for Education services directly in the built-in Mail, Calendar and Contacts application on your device. For more information, please read: Comparing Google Sync vs. IMAP vs. Mobile Browser

In all of the setup instructions, username, where indicated, is your full email address.

Please follow the applicable instructions for setting up Google Sync with your mobile device:

iPhone,iPad, iOS device

Blackberry (Blackberry Google Sync is only applicable to Calendar and Contacts, NOT mail. For mail setup on a Blackberry device, please see the above IMAP instructions)

Windows Mobile

Nokia/Symbian Devices


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