Email Accounts

E-mail Accounts

Who is eligible for a Memorial e-mail account?

All current students, faculty, staff, and retirees are entitled to a Memorial e-mail account.


How much storage space do I get with my e-mail account?

You will now receive 100 MB of storage pace with your e-mail account. While this is a substantial amount for most e-mail users, account holders are still responsible to clean up their stored e-mail regularly to maintain this quota.


Can I forward my Memorial e-mail to another e-mail address like Hotmail or Gmail?

Under official University policy, students and employees will not be able to forward their Memorial e-mail to any other address. Once e-mail has been delivered to the Memorial address, it may be manually forwarded. Official correspondence within the the university will be via the email address.


What happens to my e-mail when I leave Memorial?

In the past, your Memorial e-mail address would expire when you completed your studies at MUN. The University recognizes that students have an affiliation to Memorial long after graduation and that e-mail for life is critical to maintaining those ties. Thus, the new single e-mail policy will now allow students to retain access to their e-mail address upon graduation as alumni. E-mail addresses deemed inactive for greater than a year will be reviewed.


Can I change my e-mail password?

Yes. In fact we encourage account holders to change their password regularly. We also require account holders to change their password every 9 months. In this instance, a notification is sent to the account holder via e-mail that the password for their account is set to expire and that they must change their password. By insisting that users regularly replace passwords, we reduce the probability that an account will be compromised.

It is important to distinguish "password expiry", which happens regularly for all users, from "account expiry", which should happen only when a user ceases to be affiliated with MUN.


How do I change my e-mail password?

Open your browser and go to ; enter your memorial login ID and password to connect, at the bottom of the page you will see a button for changing your password.


I have forgotten my e-mail password. What should I do?

Go to and choose “having problems”. You will then be prompted with two buttons “Forgot my Password” and “Forgot my MUN login ID”. Choose “forgot my password”, at which point:

Students will be prompted to enter their MUN login id and asked for your student # and pin. If you can not remember your student # and pin please contact the Office of the Registrar or go to and choose “Memorial self-service”.

Faculty and Staff will be prompted to enter their employee #, date of birth, and HR Pin. If you can not remember your employee # or pin, please contact Human Resources.


I am getting e-mail from others at MUN but can not receive any outside e-mail, why?

Students: The generic e-mail address that you are provided on first access is set up to only receive internal e-mail, however when you set up your nice e-mail as noted above, you will have the option to have it protected or unprotected. If you check it to be protected, nobody outside MUN can send e-mail to you. To change this setting, login to and go to “my profile” next to your nice e-mail, uncheck the “protected” box. Note that you will not have the option to uncheck your login id.

Faculty and Staff: Contact the computing and Communications Service Desk at 709-864-4595, e-mail, or drop in at HH-2012.



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