Changing from POP to IMAP in Entourage in Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar) to 10.4.x (Tiger).

Step 1. Open Entourage. Click on the Entourage menu and choose Account Settings...

Step 2. The Accounts box should come up, displaying the current email accounts

Step 3. Hi-light the POP email account, and click Delete

Step 4. It will prompt you to delete the account. Click Delete.

Step 5. Click the arrow next to New, and then click Mail?

If you get a screen like the one below after clicking New, please click the Configure account manually button to continue with the process.

Step 6. Click the drop down list for Add new mail account, select IMAP

Step 7. Input the required information. IMAP server (incoming) is while the SMTP (outgoing) server is Not case sensitive. Account ID is the prefix of your email account. Once the information is filled out, click OK, and close the accounts box as well. You should now be back to the Entourage main screen. Please note: if you are using an internet service provider other than MUN, then you will need to ask your Internet Service Provider for the proper SMTP settings for your e-mail.

Step 8. On the Entourage main screen, you will see your IMAP account, with all folders downloaded.

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