Grants Facilitation

Grant Facilitation Officers (GFO) support faculty in applying for research grants. Your GFO will meet with you to: 

  • help identify funding opportunities
  • assist with initiating and developing research collaborations
  • provide review, editing and revision of research proposals, including budget justification
  • work with you through the review and proposal submission processes
  • share research-related resources 

To set up a meeting with the Faculty's GFO, Lisa Charlong Norris, you can email Lisa at or call 864-7623.

 When to schedule a meeting with your GFO

The amount of assistance a GFO can offer is dependent on how soon into your research idea or grant application you schedule a meeting. The following list describes expected levels of services according to deadlines:

The less time you leave for writing, coordinating and reviewing a grant, the more mistakes will be made. 

1 year before funder's deadline: Major grant competitions should be planned one year in advance of the funder's deadline. One year lead time allows you to:

  • review all funder (i.e. Tri-Council) guidelines and instructions
  • begin a literature review
  • build your research team
  • consult with your GFO on your application plan and on potential seed funding you can apply for 

6 months before funder's deadline: This is a good time to begin drafts of your application sections such as:

  • the project description
  • your budget
  • team roles and training
  • your knowledge mobilization plan 
  • your *research data management plan 
  • ask colleagues and your GFO for feedback on each section. 

3 months before funder's deadline:

  • Pull together all sections of the proposal. 
  • Send template for letters of support to all who agreed to provide them. 
  • Remind co-applicants (and yourself) that CVs need to be updated and, in the case of SSHRC and other Tri-Council grants, entered into the online CV portal. NEVER underestimate how long it takes to enter this information!
  • Meet with your GFO to review ANY questions you have about the application as well as the review and submission process. 
  • The GFO will review your budget again for elligible and illegible expenses. 

1 month before the funder's deadline: 

  • Feedback from colleagues and your GFO get incorporated into your application. 
  • CVs are updated and entered into any required online system (i.e. CCV)
  • Signed support letters are done. 

2 weeks before the funder's deadline:

  • Your GFO will give the Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs, advance notice that your application will be submitted. 
  • Your GFO can work with you to begin describing your application in the Memorial Researcher Portal (title, team, ethics clearance, intellectual property, in-kind and cash contributions, etc). 

10 days before the funder's deadline: All review and institutional signatures on your grant application take place in the MUN researcher portal.

  • Once you submit (hit the submit button),  your application will be formally reviewed first by the GFO then the Associate Dean.
  • If no changes are necessary, your application will be moved to the research office (RGCS) for final review and institutional signature (where applicable).
  • RGCS requires at least 3 days to review your file; the faculty requires 7 days. 

Night after submission date:

  • Celebrate

Two nights after submission date:

  • Start next grant :)