Co-operative Internship in Computer Science

The Co-operative Internship in Computer Science (CICS) is a collaborative effort between the Co-operative Education Office for the Faculty of Science, the Department of Computer Science, and local, national and international employers. The program gives employers access to a qualified pool of technically proficient student workers.

Internship Schedule & Hiring Process

The Co-operative Internship in Computer Science is a full-time, paid extended work period of 8, 12 or 16 months duration. The longer work period allows students to become fully productive members of the employer’s organization. Students are available to start their internships at the beginning of the academic term (i.e. September, January and May).

The process to hire an intern is ongoing throughout the four months before the work term starts (January, May or September). Engaging early with the Co-operative Education Office for the Faculty of Science will give you access to the greatest pool of applicants. The co-op office can assist by posting opportunities on our co-op portal, collecting and forwarding applications, and helping to arrange interviews with suitable candidates.

About Our Students

Students are accepted into the CICS through a selective and competitive process usually between the third and fourth years of their program. 

To be eligible for the co-operative internship program, students must have a strong academic record and have completed courses in mathematics, programming languages, software development, theoretical foundations, data structures, algorithms, ethics and computer organization.

Their diversified skills and high motivation levels can be applied to a variety of computer related tasks including software development, web development, data analysis, testing, maintenance and evaluation.


To hire a student in the Co-operative Internship in Computer Science program or to find out more about this program please contact us.

Information for students is available here.