The following information is based on Canadian citizenship only (other nationalities will need to review the passport criteria associated with their home country):

  • Passports are required for any international travel.
  • Apply as soon as possible as wait times vary and unknown delays could surface.
  • Application forms are available:
    - Online;
    - From any post office or travel agency; or
    - From the Passport Office: 100 Hebron Way, St. John's.
  • For processing times, please visit: For a fee, you can arrange for emergency processing by visiting the Passport Canada Office in person.
  • Passports must have at least 6 months validity left after the intended return date to Canada. Some countries will require 2 blank pages for a visa.
  • Make 3 copies of passport before leaving home:
    - Leave one at home;
    - Bring one with you but keep separate from your passport; and
    - Leave the third with a person of trust such as the Co-operative Education Services Coordinator located in the University Centre, 4th Floor, UC4000. You may also call 864-4484 or email
  • If your passport becomes lost or stolen:
    - Report the loss or stolen passport immediately to the local police and to the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate.
    - The photocopied passport should be enough to convince the Canadian Embassy or consulate of your citizenship in order to obtain a replacement.

For more information about Canadian passports, please visit Passport Canada's official website at