Archaeology Co-operative Education (ACE)

The Archaeology Co-operative Education (ACE) program, launched in 2017, is an extension of the existing Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Honours programs in Archaeology.

Students seek work placement opportunities within the province, within Canada, and internationally that build on the Archaeology curriculum and enhance their learning.

Work Placements

Memorial’s undergraduate Archaeology program provides students with a solid foundation in the archaeological sciences, archaeobotany, conservation, and prehistoric, historical and aboriginal archaeology.

ACE students can apply their skills in a variety of settings, including government, education, and the non-profit and private sectors in areas such as:

  • archaeological field work
  • heritage policy
  • archival work
  • archaeological analysis and conservation
  • cultural resource management
  • public education
  • research
  • museum work
  • laboratory work

Work Term Schedule 

Term Fall       Winter   Spring
Year 1    AT1 AT2 Free
Year 2 AT3 AT4 Field Course
Year 3 AT5 AT6 WT1
Year 4 AT7 AT8 WT2
Year 5 AT9    
AT= Academic Term; WT= Work Term

The ACE program is available to full-time Archaeology majors only. Admission is limited, competitive and selective. ACE work terms are full-time, paid (according to the employing organization’s salary structure), and typically range from 12-14 weeks in duration. ACE students are required to complete two work terms as part of their co-op program.


To hire an ACE student or to find out more about this program please contact us