Political Science

The Political Science Co-operative Education Program (PSCE) provides an opportunity for students to obtain relevant full-time employment experience in fields related to Political Science, such as government, advocacy groups or political parties. Students apply their academic knowledge to practical situations. 

Work Placements

Memorial’s undergraduate Political Science program provides students with a solid foundation in areas such as politics and government, governance, political theory, public policy and public administration.

Political Science co-op students can apply their skills in a variety of settings, including government, education, and the non-profit and private sectors in areas such as:

  • policy development
  • program delivery
  • research
  • policy analysis
  • communications
  • advocacy

Work Term Schedule

Candidates who are accepted into the PSCE must complete the normal requirements for their degree along with three full-time work terms. It may be possible for a student to complete two work terms in consecutive semesters.

The following is a typical co-op schedule but there is considerable variation; please contact us about the availability of students in a given term.

Term: Fall Winter Spring
Year 1 AT 1 AT 2 Open
Year 2 AT 3 AT 4 WT 1
Year 3 AT 5 AT 6 Open
Year 4 WT 2 AT 7 WT 3
Year 5 AT 8    
AT = Academic Term; WT = Work Term




To hire a co-op student or to find out more about this program please contact us.