Environmental Science (Master)

The Master of Environmental Science Co-operative Education program is an option for students in the MES Program at Memorial University.

Admission to the Master of Environmental Science co-op program is limited and selective. 

A work term of one semester duration offers graduate students  an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge of environmental science in a supervised work setting.

MES co-op students can apply their skills in a variety of settings, including government, education, and the non-profit and private sectors in areas such as:

  • environmental technology
  • earth and ocean systems
  • environmental chemistry and toxicology
  • applied ecology
  • risk assessment
  • pollution

Work Term Schedule

Students complete one 12-18 week paid (according to the employing organization’s salary structure) work term during the spring semester. Occasionally a student is available in the fall or winter semester; please contact us for details. 

Term: Fall Winter Spring
Year 1 AT AT WT
Year 2 AT AT  
AT = Academic Term; WT = Work Term


To hire a co-op student or to find out more about this program please contact us.