Job Competition

The Co-operative Education Offices of each academic program actively promotes the co-op program and solicits work term positions from regular and new employers each semester. The jobs vary in scope, responsibility, qualifications and experience required. They are made available through a process known as the job competition in which students have an opportunity to practice valuable job procurement skills. This is the most common method by which students secure work terms; however, students are also able to use other methods to obtain a work term. Job competitions typically begin in the preceding academic term and are posted electronically.

The job competition process may vary by academic program. Please consult the academic program’s student handbook for specific information related to the job competition for each program.

Students with Disabilities

It is important to be proactive and seek career support throughout your entire journey including, work-terms and internships. This support may include workplace accommodations, navigating your job search, finding accessible employers, and having a conversation with an employer about what you require to be successful in the workplace.

You can connect with Claire LeDrew directly via email ( or phone (709- 864-7074) if you have any questions about the above or would like to have a conversation.