Hiring a Co-operative Education Student

New Employers:

To find out more about how a Memorial University co-operative education student can become a part of your organization, please contact the co-op office of the program(s) you are interested in hiring from:

Arts/Science: (709) 864-8239; coopscihss[at]mun.ca
Business: (709) 864-2425; jdrodge[at]mun.ca
Engineering: (709) 864-8816; coopeng[at]mun.ca
Human Kinetics & Recreation: (709) 864-2172; dhall[at]mun.ca

For general information please contact the Co-operative Education Services Centre at (709) 864-2419 or cesc@mun.ca.


Important Co-operative Education Recruitment Dates

Employers participate in the selection process, which starts about four months prior to each work term, by providing job descriptions to the co-operative education office related to the program you are interested in for the position(s) you wish to fill. The procedure normally follows this sequence:

  • Job descriptions are advertised to students;
  • Applications are forwarded by the University to the employers for screening;
  • Employers interview students (interviews typically take place on campus but may also take place at an employers' office; skype and telephone interviews are also available)
  • Employers rank students in order of preference (students not considered suitable are not ranked);
  • Offers are extended by the University starting with the employers' highest rankings;
  • Offers not accepted by students are normally advertised again in consultation with employers.

If you are an employer with a remote work opportunity, CEWIL offers you tips for onboarding student remotely and tips for supervising remotely.

Role of the Academic Staff Member in Co-operative Education:

An Academic Staff Member in Co-operative Education (ASM-CE) communicates with employers about the hiring process, work-term requirements, and helps develop job descriptions and positions that are suited to students’ level and abilities. At all times, the ASM-CE is available to discuss the placement with the employer to address any concerns and maximize benefits for both the student and the organization.

ASM-CE's work with specific programs. To contact an ASM-CE in a program of interest to you, please click here or click the 'Contact Us' tab from the above menu and then the program of interest.