SECPAP Eligibility Requirements


Eligible Activities

  • Co-operative work terms must be based in the province and provide students with worthwhile and relevant employment experience related to their field of study
  • Work terms must be in small private firms (less than 50 employees and annual sales less than $5-million)
  • All provincial, federal and municipal governments and their agencies will normally be ineligible, including health and educational institutions, school boards, crown corporations and like organizations
  • Employment of students in retail, wholesale, food service, finance and real estate operations is excluded, unless it can be shown that the position is clearly conducive to learning and acquiring entrepreneurial or small business management skills
  • Local offices of national organizations and public companies will normally be excluded
  • Positions funded must not be financed under any other sources of government assistance from the provincial Department of Advanced Education and Skills.
  • Project submissions are to be directed toward a particular field of study
  • Immediate family members are normally not eligible to be hired in firms owned or operated by relatives

Employer Eligibility

To be considered eligible, the work term must be located  in Newfoundland and Labrador and have:

  • Fewer than 50 employees
  • Annual sales of less than $5-million
  • An individual (generally paid staff member) capable of supervising and evaluating the student(s)
  • Adequate facilities/accomodations for the placement
  • A defined task with an appropriate academically relevant job description
  • An understanding of the purpose and academic requirements of co-op work terms
  • An appreciation of the role of the small business sector and its potential for future work opportunities for students

A limited amount of funding is also available for non-profit/community based organizations (excluding political parties, municipalities, and labour unions).

Student (Employee) Eligibility

  • Participation will be limited to students enrolled in Memorial University of Newfoundland's co-operative education programs
  • Students must be academically eligible to undertake a work term
  • Students are not eligible to work in placements not related to their field of study
  • Students must be 16 years of age or older and must be eligible to work in Canada
  • Immediate family members of applicants would normally be ineligible to be hired in that particular organization