Employer Relationships & Work Reports

Relationship With Your Employer

This relationship is not only critical in achieving your work term goals and expectations, but also critical to others who may follow you.

  • A damaged relationship between you and your employer usually affects the relationship between the University and the employer and often reduces or eliminates prospects for future work terms.
  • Should a conflict arise in your work term that you need assistance in resolving, you should contact your co-op office as quickly as possible. We accept collect collect calls in cases of emergency.
  • While we are concerned with protecting future student opportunity, the first priority is the quality of learning in the current work term.

Work Reports

  • The work report policy is essentially the same as for work terms in Canada. They must be submitted (sent) no later than the day stated in your work term information package. Make sure you obtain a postal or courier receipt as proof of having sent your report.
  • Extensions will be granted in extraordinary circumstances such as medical or family emergencies.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties, contact an Academic Staff Members in Co-operative Education before the deadline. They will work with you to find ways to cope with meeting the deadline. If you ignore the deadline, the regulations give no option but to award "fail."
  • An appropriate method of dealing with an employer related delay is to submit your report to the University as required, but revise as necessary afterwards to meet employer needs.