Memorial University earns top grades in global academic ranking

Memorial is the only Canadian university included as one of the world’s best for the study for marine/ocean engineering in an annual publication of world university rankings — and it’s the fifth year in a row to do so.

Memorial places 38 among the top 50 universities as part of the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy’s 2022 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) in the category.

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Thinking critically about past, present and future technological innovations

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences’ (HSS) new certificate in the history and philosophy of science and technology is of broad interest to students of science, engineering, medicine, humanities and social sciences.

The program will challenge students to think critically and analytically about the consequences of past, present and future technological innovations on human existence, and the world we inhabit.

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Webb telescope means we are 'entering a new era' of space science

The famous Hubble deep field was first observed in 1995 when the telescope was pointed at a dark patch of the universe and stared for 10 straight days at a tiny patch of sky near the Big Dipper.

On July 11, 2022, the now-largest optical telescope in space, the JWST, released its own deep field image that is much bigger, more detailed, and more exciting than the one from Hubble and shows us a view of the universe as it was 4.6 billion years ago, at the same time the sun was being formed and the Earth was being born.

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More than $23,000 in sponsorships for student teams at Memorial

The first annual Student Design Showcase brought in more than $23,000 in sponsorships, donations and in-kind support for student teams at Memorial.

The event, held on May 18, was organized by Memorial’s Student Design Hub, a collaborative manufacturing and assembly space on Memorial’s St. John’s campus. 

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Memorial University receives federal and provincial funding

Memorial University has received funding for a new Centre for Artificial Intelligence on the St. John’s campus.

The centre will build partnerships with industry and the province’s entrepreneurial ecosystem through collaborative projects, outreach and continuing education, particularly in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer related courses. It will also serve as a collaborative space for seminars that bring together AI-related researchers and students across campus for teamwork.

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Doctor of psychology program feeling impacts of cancelled residency program

Since the creation of the Faculty of Science’s doctor of psychology (PsyD) program in 2009, 21 of the 36 graduates, or nearly 60 per cent, have stayed in Newfoundland and Labrador.

However, the suspension of one of the province’s two residency programs for clinical psychologists may have an impact on the number who choose to remain in the future.

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Memorial professor first gay president of Canadian Math Society

When Dr. David Pike stepped into the Henrietta Harvey building in June, he saw a sign that read “Everyone is welcome here” on a rainbow Pride flag.

“It stopped me in my tracks,” he said. “It shouldn’t have, but it did. I’ve been working in this university for over 20 years and it was the first time I’ve seen a message like that in my building, telling me I am welcome here.”

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