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On the Menu is a "full course meal" covering a wide and comprehensive range of tasty topics. 

What's on the menu?

Topic: Mitacs Programs

Who is coming to dinner?

Niraj Shukla, Mitacs Newfoundland and Labrador

Jon Canning, Grants Coordinator, Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS), will also be on hand to answer questions pertaining to RGCS review of Mitacs research grant applications. 

Who is invited?

Faculty, staff and students 

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Wednesday, Nov. 24, 1 p.m. via webex: 


Past Sessions

Student Supports at Memorial University

With presentations by: 

Andrew Kim, Director, Graduate Enrolment Services, School of Graduate Studies

Important Links: 



Contact: sgs@mun.ca 


Jason Geary, Manager, Blundon Centre

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Contact: jgeary@mun.ca 


Dr. Natalia Barykina, Graduate Studies Librarian, QEII Library

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Contact: nbarykina@mun.ca 


Dr. Ken Fowler, Director, Student Wellness and Counselling Centre



Valeri Pilgrim, Manager, Indigenization Student Resource Centre

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Contact: isrc@mun.ca or vpilgrim@mun.ca 


Dr. Sonja Knutson, Director, Internationalization Office

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Jessica Whalen, (Undergraduate) Career Development Coordinator, Faculty of Science 

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Contact: jessica.whalen@mun.ca 


Alicia Wall, Academic Success Coordinator, Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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Incorporating Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) into NSERC Discovery Grants

Dr. Kris Poduska, Professor and Head, Physics and Physical Oceanography, and Dr. Jennifer Stevens, Strategic Institutional Research Initiatives, Office of the Vice-President (Research)

*Note: This session was not recorded due to privacy concerns. However, please see the links below for presenter slides and resources. 



Top Tips for Preparing an NSERC Discovery Grant Application

Dr. Kris Poduska presents the top tips for a successful NSERC Discovery Grant application. In addition, several NSERC panel members, the Faculty of Science grants facilitation officers and the associate dean, research and graduate studies, help answer questions.

Dr. Kris Poduska, Professor and Head
Physics and Physical Oceanography 


Tips for Preparing an Application to the Memorial University Seed and Multidisciplinary Funds

This talk will explain the differences between the two funds and provide tips on completing proposals, review upcoming deadlines and where to go for help.
( FAQ for questions raised during the talk.)

Dr. Jacqueline Blundell, Acting Associate Dean (Research and Graduate)
Faculty of Science   


Tips & Techniques for Effective Scientific Presentations

This talk includes strategies on how to put together an effective scientific presentation, dos and don'ts for creating presentation slides, techniques for effective delivery of a talk and dealing with nervous habits.

Dr. Sherri Christian, Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry