Dr. Lev Tarasov

Professor & Canada Research Chair

  • B.Sc. Guelph
  • M.Sc., Ph.D. Toronto

Contact Information

Office: C4043
Phone: (709) 864-2675
Phone #2: (519) 821-3555
Email: lev aT mun D0t ca
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Research Areas - glacial system dynamics (including aspects of glaciology, paleoclimatology, and more generally Earth system dynamics)

I'm interested in the dynamics of complex (highly non-linear and interconnected) systems, with a focus and expertise in the modelling of glacial systems (combining ice, climate, and earth). Key questions motivating my research include: What potential thresholds/instabilities would lead to major reorganization of Earth's climate system? How will the variability of polar and sub-polar climate change in our future? What controlled past ice and climate
change over the glacial cycles? And how can we narrow and quantify our uncertainties concerning past and future ice and climate system changes?

My research strategy relies on the development and application of dynamical Earth systems models. A key feature is an emphasis on the integration of observational constraints with large ensemble modelling to create objective probability distributions for past and future characteristics of the ice and climate system. The topic and approach offer numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary work in a "hot" topic.