SESSION II: The Creative Orchestra: A workshop in exploration, improvisation and structure

with cellist and improviser Norman Adams.

Saturday November 8, 2014, School of Music, Memorial University

11:00-11:45AM with the beginner group--- Choral room (MU 1032)
1:15-2:00PM with the intermediate group--- Suncor Hall (MU 1050)
3:30-4:15PM with the senior group--- Instrumental room (MU 1034)

The Creative Orchestra is a workshop led by Norman Adams that harnesses the creative energies of a student orchestra to collaboratively create a piece of music for performance. Over the course of StringFest 2014, students in three levels of orchestras are introduced to basic improvisation, and extended techniques on their instruments; they are challenged to question definitions of music and what sounds "good"; and they get to create a piece they can call their own. The workshop opens with a demonstration of an improvised piece that utilizes extended techniques and a broad sound palette. The students are then asked: "is this music?" Through discussion, the students are introduced to a broader definition of music than they may be familiar with: one that embraces new definitions of tonality, rhythm and interaction; one that suggests that abstract sounds and forms are indeed music. Ideas for the piece are solicited from the students: thematic ideas, sections that utilize the exercises, solos and smaller groups from within the orchestra, and even melodic ideas are discussed. From this process they discover that orchestral music, and music in general doesn’t need a mysterious composer to come to life. They can make it themselves, while learning an appreciation for the complexities of great pieces by skilled composers. The creation of music gives the students ownership; it opens creative doors, and inspires students to try using their instruments for more than just traditional playing in an orchestra. It teaches listening and cooperation, and inspires creativity and fun.

Norman Adams Canadian cellist, and electronic musician Norman Adams is Principal Cellist of Sym-phony Nova Scotia, the Artistic Director of suddenlyLISTEN music. A student of Hans Jørgen Jensen, Bernard Greenhouse, and American new music pioneer Pauline Oli-veros, Norman has been a soloist with SNS, and Les Jeunes Virtuoses de Montréal and has performed chamber, and improvised music throughout Canada, the US, France, and the UK. His performances have also been heard across the country on CBC Radio. In 2010 Norman was awarded an Established Artist Award by the Nova Scotia Arts and Culture Partnership Council, for his varied work. In addition to his work as a classical cellist, Norman is well known across Canada, as an exploratory musician, playing free and creative music. Norman has collaborated with many leading artists including Joelle Leandre, Gerry Hemingway, Eddie Prévost, Pauline Oliveros, Buck 65, Jerry Granelli, Marilyn Crispell and Evan Parker. Since 2000 Norman has been the Artistic Director and Producer of suddenlyLISTEN Music, an organization that presents an annual series of concerts of improvised music, featuring a broad range of local, Canadian and international artists. He is also dedicated to sharing music with all people, co-leading the bi-weekly suddenlyLISTEN Improv Workshop for the past eight seasons. Norm also supports arts organizations across Canada, serving on the Board of Directors of The Canadian New Music Network, Strategic Arts Management, and The Canadian Circuit


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