Course Substitutions

The School of Music launched a revised curriculum in Fall 2012 with a considerable number of new courses and the elimination of some others. To ease the transition between the old calendar and the new one we have developed two tables of course substitutions.

For students following an earlier calendar:

Table 1: Substitutions for Music Courses Required under Previous Regulations lists the courses that students following the regulations of an earlier Calendar may substitute for required courses that are no longer offered.

For students who were enrolled before Fall 2012 but wish to follow the new calendar:

Table 2: Substitution of Former Courses For Courses in This Calendar is for students who were admitted or readmitted to the School of Music before 2012 but who have elected to follow the regulations for the new program. Table 2 lists the former courses that may be substituted for courses required under the current Calendar which were not offered before Fall 2012.