Paul Rice

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Rice is an internationally acclaimed expert in the field of 18th century music, theatre, and art. His research has also been supported by 22 different research grants including several multi-year SSHRC awards. While Dr. Rice has shared his research work through books, anthologies, articles, scores and recordings, it truly came to life in the classroom. As a Professor of music history, his lectures truly brought music history to life. He taught virtually every musicology course offered at Memorial University! Dr. Rice has remained committed to service at home and across the country and around the world. His service to Memorial is exemplary, serving on almost all committees of the School of Music. Additionally he has served on 22 search committees, and 9 years of membership on the School’s Committee for Undergraduate Studies. Nationally, he spent 15 years as an on air commentator for CBC Radio’s flagship “Saturday Afternoon at the Opera”. Internationally, he has provided program notes for prestigious performances and venues including Wigmore Hall (London), the Queen’s Consort (NY City), and published liner notes for 13 different recorded albums.