Maureen Volk

Maureen VolkProfessor Emeritus

A Graduate of the Juilliard School, Dr. Volk has concertized and recorded across Canada, the United States, and Europe. She has performed +100 solo and chamber music performances locally, nationally, and internationally, recorded 3 professional albums, and received 26 scholarly grants. Additionally she has developed substantive work in pedagogical research. As much as Dr. Volk excels on concert, recording and conference stages, she is an equally lauded pedagogue, with an extraordinary dedication to teaching & learning. Highlights include the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching (2008) and 3M National Teaching Fellow (2014). The breadth of her teaching expertise is also worthy of note. Over her time at the School of Music, Dr. Volk has mentored over 100 young pianists, delivered courses in musicology, supervised musicology graduating essays, taught aural skills, and has been the champion of music pedagogy courses. An academic leader par excellence, Dr. Maureen Volk has held every leadership position within the School of Music including Acting Director (1990-1991), Director (1991-2000), Acting Associate Director (Graduate Studies and Research) (2009) and Dean pro tempore (2015-2016), just to name a few! Dr. Volk’s leadership was critical to the School’s success and eminent status, her history intimately entwined with the School’s ascendancy.