Annalise Smith

Project Coordinator, MMaP

B.Mus (Calgary)
M.A. (Victoria)
Ph.D. (Cornell)
Office: SN-1047-B
Phone: 864-2543

Dr. Annalise Smith is a Lecturer of Musicology in the School of Music at Memorial University. Her research focuses on 18th-century operatic music in France, emphasizing the role institutions play in shaping musical cultures and traditions. Her research also explores issues of sexual violence and perceptions of beauty in musical stage works. She has spoken at numerous conferences in North America and Europe, and her research, supported by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, has received awards from MusCan and regional AMS. Her most recent publications include “Looking Eastward in Handel’s Operas” (EMAg: The Magazine of Early Music America) and “Beyond the Canon: Using Contemporary Works to Address Sexual Violence in the Music Drama” in the forthcoming collection Teaching Difficult Topics in the Music Classroom.

Since moving to St. John’s, Dr. Smith has become involved in a variety of local arts groups. In addition to singing with Projēkt Chamber Voices, she has performed with Peter MacDonald Productions and currently performs the role of Alexandra in the online musical Daystreamer: A Physically Distant Musical. Dr. Smith also serves as the manager of Kittiwake Dance Theatre, Newfoundland’s professional ballet company.