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Join Dr. Caroline Schiller to explore music in one of the most vibrant, historically significant, and diverse musical environments found anywhere in the world. Participate in about 12 field trips to concerts, operas, musical theatre and historic musical venues in and around London. Discover new ideas about music in seminars and perform a public concert in Harlow. 

 Musical England is:

  • two courses worth a total of six credit hours
  • a seminar course on music in historical and cultural context
  • an experiential course where you will attend masterclasses, concerts and guest lectures
  • open to qualified students in the School of Music or in any another program at Memorial.
  • open to graduate students.

All students must have a strong background in music and a well-developed musical practice. This may be in art music, traditional or folk music, jazz, popular music or a world music tradition.

Memorial University’s 2019 spring semester takes place May 13th – August 9th, 2019. Students participating in Musical England will attend classes both at Memorial University’s St. John’s campus and Harlow campus. The in-class portion will take place from May 21-June 07, 2019 (Memorial’s School of Music) and June 11-July 15, 2019 (Harlow campus).

Field trips will be scheduled to allow students time to pursue additional research areas should they so choose.

The seminars in St. John’s will focus on readings and preparatory discussion related to the two courses. A final paper and project will be due at the end of the Spring semester.

"My Harlow experience (music education) was so amazing. Was able to do so many incredible things, work with some inspiring people, travel to awesome places, and make some pretty great friends. Would recommend any student (no matter the discipline or program) to take advantage of MUN’s Harlow offerings." - Aiden Hartery


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