Rental Rates and Fees

Rental Rates and Associated Fees


D.F. Cook Recital Hall and Suncor Energy Hall bookings in the Performance/Presentation and Studio Recital categories include one student assistant for the duration of the reservation. Rehearsal bookings may not require a student assistant, however the number of staff necessary will be determined by the School of Music – please see below for rates.

A.  D.F. Cook Recital Hall (MU-1045) – Capacity 296

Rental Rates per Hour

  Artistic/Educational Corporate
Performance/Presentation   $125   $300
Studio Recital   $105   N/A
Rehearsal   $75   $150

B.  Suncor Energy Hall (MU-1050) – Capacity 120

Rental Rates per Hour

  Artistic/Educational Corporate
Performance/Presentation   $100   $230
Studio Recital   $90   N/A
Rehearsal   $60   $115

C. Other Rooms

Rental Rates per Hour

 Corporate Capacity
MU-1032   Charles Hutton Choral Room   $28   $80   130
MU-1034   Jerrett Instrumental Room   $28   $80   100
MU-2017   Small Classroom   $18   $45   35
MU-2025   Large Classroom   $18   $45   45
MU-2021   Seminar room   $18   $45   18
MU-1001   Chamber Studio   $18   $45   24
ACC   MMaP Gallery   $25   $80   49

Bookings exceeding 10 hours in total are eligible for a 10% discount on the rental fee (does not apply to clients with a co-sponsorship agreement).

Special Rates may apply for recent School of Music graduates and for organizations with a co-sponsorship agreement. Please see our Facility Policy for more information.

Please Note: Facility users must comply with all SOCAN and Re:Sound requirements and shall remit any licensing or other fees required directly to SOCAN and Re:Sound.



Student Assistants

Students will be scheduled by the School of Music as indicated on the rental agreement at the rate in effect at the time of the event. Rates of pay for undergraduate students at Memorial University and increases to those rates are set by the university.

As of April 2024: $20.25/hour

At least one student assistant must be engaged for the duration of all public performances at the recital halls and this cost is included in the rental rate. The School of Music will determine if additional Student Assistants are required and this cost will be invoiced to the client. Additional trained student personnel are also available upon request for: ushering, coat check, box office, sound, lighting, stage management, and backstage duties pending availability.

School of Music Staff

Subject to availability and with the approval of the Dean, School of Music staff can be provided for an event at a cost of $60 per hour.


Services Artistic/
Projector and Screen in Suncor (per day)   $50   $100
Projector and Screen in Cook (per day)   $75   $125
Small sound system in Suncor (per day)   $50   $100
Small sound system in Cook (per day)   $50   $100
Additional Tech requirements   Call   Call

The School of Music has a wide range of technical capabilities and equipment available for events within the building. Please contact us to discuss your audio, lighting, event production and livestreaming requirements.

***Rental rates current as of September 2021
All rates are subject to change
Capacity changes subject to public health guidelines