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Check out the following courses and ensembles available in Winter 2021 to any student at Memorial University.

Music 1106 Elements of Music
This course is a continuation of Music 1105 Elements of Music I. This course will focus on advanced rudiments and basic harmony with an emphasis on the aural recognition and comprehension. (3 Credit Hours)

Music 2011 North American Popular Music
Are you a fan of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop or Indie? Would you like to know more about the history and development of popular music? Are you interested in exploring the role that music plays in politics, community, and culture? Then this course is for you. (3 Credit Hours)

Music 2012 Understanding Classical Music: Introduction Through Guided Listening
This course will help you develop listening skills and an understanding of the basic elements of music. Form and style in Western classical music will be explored within a cultural and historical context. You will be exposed to a variety of musical styles and traditions. (3 credit hours)

Music 2014 Introduction to World Music
This course is intended to develop your listening skills, broaden your musical horizons, and give you a deeper understanding of the way music functions in relation to social groups and individual lives. (3 Credit Hours)

Music 2611 Festival Choir
Do you like to sing? Are you looking for to perform in a fun and engaged musical community? Then the Festival Choir is the group for you. No audition required. (1 Credit Hour)

Music 2612 Chamber Choir
Do you have a passion for choral singing? Are you looking for a high calibre ensemble in which to develop your skills? Then the Chamber Choir might be the group for you. Audition required. (1 Credit Hour)

Music 2613 Chamber Orchestra
Are you a violinist, violist, cellist, or bassist? The Chamber Orchestra might be the ensemble for you. Meet fellow string players as you explore the great masterworks and hidden gems of the orchestral repertoire. Audition required. (1 Credit Hour)

Music 2615 Jazz Ensemble
Do you play jazz? This ensemble is the cornerstone of our vibrant Jazz Studies program. Enjoy making music with all different types of performers, from bassists, drummers, and pianists, to singers, wind players, and guitarists. Audition required. (1 Credit Hour)

Music 2616 Opera Workshop
Are you a singer looking for a grand stage for your vocal prowess? Our Opera Workshop produces one fully-staged operatic production every year. Be a part of this unique musical and dramatic experience. Audition required. (1 Credit Hour)

Music 2619 Wind Ensemble
The band community is an especially lively part of the School of Music. The Wind Ensemble is a home for musicians who wants to keep playing their wind, brass, or percussion instruments. Audition required. (1 Credit Hour)

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