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Faculty and Post-Docs

Faculty who are actively engaged in research in areas of combinatorics at Memorial University, along with a brief description of their interests, are listed below:

  • Danny Dyer
    Pursuit-evasion problems, discrete time processes, watchman's walks, graph decompositions
  • David A. Pike
    Graph theory and design theory, graph decompositions and cycle properties, computational graph theory
  • Nabil Shalaby
    Skolem sequences, covering and packing designs, graph labellings
  • Daniela Silvesan
    Skolem sequences and combinatorial design theory
  • Andrea Burgess (adjunct professor)
    Combinatorial design theory and graph theory
  • Stephen Finbow (adjunct professor)
    Graph theory
  • Jared Howell  (cross-appointment, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
    Graph theory, combinatorial designs and enumeration
  • Rebecca Milley (cross-appointment, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
    Graph theory and combinatorial game theory

Several faculty members form part of the Graph Searching in Atlantic Canada collaborative research group, funded by AARMS.


Current Graduate Students

Name Program Supervisor(s)
Rylo Ashmore M.Sc. Dyer / Milley
Mozhgan Farahani M.Sc. Burgess / Dyer
Roxanne Ghorbanivashki M.Sc. Dyer / Milley
Caleb Jones M.Sc. Burgess / Pike
Robert Luther  Ph.D. Burgess / Pike
Austin MacDonald M.Sc. Finbow / Pike
John Marcoux M.Sc. Burgess / Pike
Arthur McCool M.Sc. Dyer / Merkli / Pike
Oleg Ogandzhanyants Ph.D. Kondratieva / Shalaby


Former Faculty and Post-docs


Recent Graduate Students

Name Program Supervisor(s) Completed
Ahmad Alkasasbeh M.Sc. Shalaby 2016
Ahmad Alkasasbeh Ph.D. Dyer 2021
Iren Darijani Ph.D. Pike 2020
Sadegheh Haghshenas Ph.D. Dyer / Shalaby 2015
Robert Luther M.Sc. Pike 2016
Brittany Pittman M.Sc. Dyer / Howell 2020

Graduate Studies

At the graduate level, studies in combinatorics may be undertaken which lead to both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. Details of our department's graduate programs can be reviewed here.

The School of Graduate Studies has a very helpful website about Memorial University, St. John's, and all that we have to offer.

We are always seeking interested and qualified candidates for our graduate programs, in which you can apply online.

Graduate Courses

Course NumberCourse titleNotes
Math 6340* Graph Theory Offered in Fall 2021 as an AARMS Advanced Course
Math 6341* Combinatorial Design Theory  
Math 6342* Advanced Enumeration  
Math 6345 Combinatorics and the Probabilistic Method  
Math 6346* Pursuit-Evasion Problems To be offered in Winter 2022 as an AARMS Advanced Course
Math 6347 Cyclic Combinatorial Designs  
Math 6348 Graph Colouring  

* Indicates courses offered in the last two years.

Online Seminars

Members of our group regular "attend" different online seminars, some of which are included below. Other online talks can be found here.