MUN Math & Stats Society

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Welcome to the MUN Math & Stats Society site!

Here you will be able to answer some questions you might have about the society itself, or any upcoming events the society is participating in. This page is maintained and updated by the executive, which is listed at the bottom of the page. Check out our Facebook page for the latest news on events and more!

You'll usually find society members in the society room, which is located in the Henrietta Harvey building in room HH-3025, right next to the main math lab classroom, and near the computer lab. You'll find we're quite friendly and ready to help with any problem you're stuck on, but if you just want to hang out before your next class, we have a fridge, microwave, kettle & coffeemaker, and couches. If you are looking for someone in particular and can't find them, just leave a message for them on our whiteboard. If you leave a math problem there, we can't guarantee it won't be solved before you come back!

We regularly hold society events such as mixers (held in HH-3026, right next to the society room), bowling, pub crawls and assorted fundraisers. We keep in close contact with the MUN Math & Stats Department staff and faculty on a regular basis to ensure that the society both remains current with respect to departmental changes, and also to help out with certain aspects of the department itself. We also sponsor special events such as partial funding for the Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, and the Motivational Teaching Award.

If you have facebook we have a group where we post about upcomming events. The link is at the top right.